About Us

We are a boutique wealth management consultancy, exclusive by design

At Kimmorley Financial Management, constructing tailor-made financial management solutions is a practice: a specialised vocation. Our experts combine their efforts to meet the investment, wealth planning, and financial management needs of time-poor professionals, family groups, retirees and institutions. Kimmorley Financial Management’s specialist practices encompass all facets of wealth management and are grounded in a passion for excellence. Having the flexibility of a small but exclusive boutique consultancy, we are committed to continually enhancing and building upon these capabilities to ensure comprehensive and exceptional resources for the management of our clients’ wealth.

Kimmorley Financial Management is principally an experienced and highly accredited team of financial professionals, with a desire to concentrate our expertise into a niche consultancy. We thrive on the challenge of meeting our client’s expectations and do this by taking an in-depth approach to the financial wellbeing of our clients. We see planning as a stage to be reached after getting to know our clients and their personal and financial objectives. This is an ongoing process – as our philosophy is that it takes a long-term relationship to achieve financial goals. Our clients actively participate in regular meetings, which offer them an update of their portfolio and an opportunity for them to discuss their personal goals.

Our primary aim is to create an environment where each client feels that they are exclusive to our business. Every client is considered a vital part of our organisation, to be given the regular attention, guidance and loyalty that they deserve in the management of their financial assets.

Our promise:
Our clients are the integral life form of our business. We work relentlessly to retain our valued clients and our client base will never grow beyond our ability to meet our promise of exclusivity – our competitive edge. We will never compromise this. We will however expand our knowledge of the industry for the benefit of our clients. To put it simply, you will feel that your financial life is organised and that you have a partner who will provide you with consistent and coherent advice in the face of market and legislative change.

Exceptional personalised service is our difference. Team is our strength.
We never attempt to fit a client to a product, portfolio – or even to a specialist team. At Kimmorley Financial Management, we use an open architecture, which allows us to utilise the best products and services available to custom-design exclusive financial strategies. In the same way that we individually tailor strategies to meet our clients’ needs, we also structure an expert team around each and every client. We see this as a major competitive advantage. So do our clients.

Our personal approach is combined with a very strong emphasis on strategy. We do not regard client investment portfolios, tax planning or other services as strategies in themselves. Rather we see them as the tactical means to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives. We also ensure that a good deal of flexibility is incorporated in all our strategies so that they are able to contend with changing circumstances – and take advantage of new opportunities.

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